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Mai-Kai: History and Mystery Book

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1962 Bunny Yeager Nude Photos of Chris Darling

Bunny Yeager was an asset to the Mai-Kai. Many of the girls who worked in the Molokai Bar were also models for Bunny and others.

Myrna Weber, first Mystery Girl was a model for Bunny and appeared in Playboy. Nani Maka was also a Mystery Girl and Polynesian dancer and posed for Bunny as “Bonnie Caroll”.

Nani Maka as Bonnie Caroll in 1958
Nani Maka as Bonnie Caroll in 1958
Nani as Bonnie

The below image is of “Chris Darling”, but I do not know who she is. Often they posed nude under a different name. What’s unique here is that she’s in a Mai-Kai sarong. Surely she was a Molokai Girl.

Does anyone have more images of “Chris Darling” or know who she is?

The above image is not at the Mai-Kai as far as I know. I have searched every image I have for that Tiki and can’t find it. That doesn’t prove it, but it’s pretty strong evidence.

UPDATE: I have searched various engines and found these images that say they are Chris Darling:

The face is not familiar to me. I just got a message from a Molokai Girl from 1963-64 who may know more…

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