Mai-Kai: History and Mystery Book

Mai-Kai: History and Mystery Book

History & Mystery of The Iconic Tiki Restaurant

Tiki History Presentation

The History of the Mystery Drink

Tern Club – 135 S. Gay St.

The story of the iconic Mystery Drink involves many famous people, including Johnny Carson, Bettie Page, Bunny Yeager, Kui Lee, and Mariano Licudine. The invention, evolution, and ingenious promotion of this legendary cocktail began during the spirituous times following the opening of the Mai-Kai and subsequent opening of the Molokai Bar. Rare videos and images, accompanied by firsthand accounts, will bring the fascinating tale of the Mystery Drink to life in this documentary-style presentation. 

Approximately 45 minutes. Price is $5 per person.

Seating is limited to 25. At the door.

Tuesday February 25th, 6PM

Sunday February 23rd, 2PM

Tim “Swanky” Glazner is co-founder and organizer of the Hukilau, the second largest Tiki event in the world. He has recently given sold out presentations on Tiki and Mai-Kai history at Hukilau and the oldest and largest Tiki event in the world Tiki Oasis. He is a collector of Mid Century and Polynesian Pop ephemera. He has appeared in several documentaries and television shows about Tiki culture. He created the first Tiki carving seminar “Coon Tiki” located in the Smoky Mountains. He has written for Tiki Magazine. He is an expert in Tiki drinks and the creator of the Grogalizer, a popular Tiki cocktail website which helps people make recipes from Jeff “Beachbum” Berry’s books. His collections have been seen in books by Sven Kirsten, such as Tiki Pop, and in the Paris exhibition of the same name. He produced the Tiki Daze calendar. In 2009 he was voted “Best Mixologist” by Metro Pulse magazine. He is currently producing a line of Tiki mugs under license with the Mai-Kai. He is an avid fan of Midcentury culture and Tiki is a big part of that passion.

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