Mai-Kai: History and Mystery Book

Mai-Kai: History and Mystery Book

History & Mystery of The Iconic Tiki Restaurant

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Book description short:

The Mai-Kai is revered as the pinnacle of the Polynesian pop culture phenomenon. It remains the top Bucket List destination for those seeking to experience the indulgent atmosphere of the true Tiki Bar. It is the only place on Earth you can enjoy the “Rum Rhapsodies” that started the era as they were served at Don the Beachcomber’s in 1933.

Book description long:

In 1956 a few brash young men created the Mai-Kai by way of a coup at Don the Beachcomber’s and went on to eclipse the old guard restaurants. The Mai-Kai became the playground of celebrities and playboys, and the beautiful women working there used it as a jumping-off point for adventure and fame. Through first-hand stories, images, and ephemera, this book documents the history and enduring legacy of the pinnacle of the Mid-Century Tiki era. This is the story of how the Mai-Kai and its iconic elements came to exist, and the tales of the men and women who shaped it and went on to shape the world.

Author bio short:

Tim “Swanky” Glazner has been collecting and researching the midcentury for decades. He has shared his knowledge in various documentaries, articles, seminars and other media. He is an expert on the Tiki era, its music, cocktails, ephemera, and history.

Author bio long:

As one of the pioneers of the modern Tiki movement, Swanky has been researching its various aspects for over a decade. He has written articles, appeared in documentaries, been interviewed by NPR and other radio shows, and has given presentations on the history of Tiki and the Mai-Kai specifically. Materials from his collection have been published in other books and used in museum exhibits. By creating Hukilau, the second largest Tiki event in the world, centered around the Mai-Kai, he was granted access to the images and people whose stories appear in this book.

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