Mai-Kai: History and Mystery Book

Mai-Kai: History and Mystery Book

History & Mystery of The Iconic Tiki Restaurant


The Mai-Kai has used a variety of ceramics and glassware. These are some I have documented:

tn_mugs-011Later Mystery Bowl

MaiKaiOwl1.5Rare early version of the Abelam Coffee mug.

tn_CRW_2697Rare handled Rum Barrel. May have never been used in the restaurant.

tn_Derby-D-Silver-Glass1Super rare solid silver base Derby Daiquiri glass given to the winner of the Gulfstream Derby Mai-Kai Cup or Rums of Puerto Rico Cup.

tn_grog-matteShrunken Head mug

tn_IMG_4209Classic Rum Barrel used today

tn_IMG_4220Drum mug sold in the gift shop and given away in contests.

tn_IMG_4236Later Rum Barrel mug

tn_IMG_4240Mai-Kai Don Q Rum Decanter

tn_IMG_4280The older Mara Amu mug. One of the most common mugs out here due to it being for sale from early on.

tn_IMG_4686Shrunken Head mug

tn_IMG_4694Early Coffee Grog mug by Harper of Florida.

tn_IMG_4707Current Abelam coffee mug.

Later Shrunken Head mug

tn_mai-kai-020 The original and rare Rum Barrel mug.

tn_mai-kai-059 Early perhaps desert bowl. These were too easy to tip over and break and were not used very long.

tn_mai-kai-077 Coffee Grog pitcher from the collection of Duke Carter

tn_mai-kai-083 A rare mug that likely was never used in the Mai-Kai. Probably a test or prototype.

tn_mai-kai-102 A green version of the desert bowl

tn_mai-kai-118 Another possible prototype Rum barrel that likely never was used.

tn_mai-kai-125Another prototype likely never used in the Mai-Kai.
tn_mai-kai-140Mai-Kai mug of unknown use. May have never been used.
tn_mai-kai-143Another handled Rum Barrel that likely was never used.
tn_mai-kai-201The earliest and most detailed Shrunken Head mug.
tn_mai-kai-221The original Mystery Bowl by Harper of Florida.