Mai-Kai Weekend

April 24-25th 2020


We’ve dedicated part of our house to a bar inspired by the place, spent thousands of dollars collecting anything and everything related to it, spent years writing a book about it, and we travel to Fort Lauderdale year after year to visit this place. WTF?

We’d like to get our friends addicted, er, I mean, we’d like to share the magic of this place with our friends. We have held events large and small for that purpose for nearly 20 years, but having an event open to the public requires us to split our time among a lot of strangers and other friends when what we’d really like to do is have our close friends there to share the experience.

What we’re proposing is a weekend of both planned group activities and free time for you to do whatever you might want. The costs are just whatever things cost. No ticket or anything like that. We have a vintage hotel we love and we could occupy the majority of the rooms to have mostly just our group around the pool, etc. Of course, you can stay wherever you want, but we will try to have gatherings at the main hotel. We know local folks who might help us mix drinks for a room party, and a one man lounge/surf band we might get to play.

The emphasis for the weekend would be on the Mai-Kai, of course, Friday and Saturday evenings, with special behind-the-scenes tours and other things Tim can arrange due to his celebrity status there. They will let us in an hour before the doors open Saturday so Tim can give a walking history tour of the empty restaurant (including the awesome bathrooms and offices). They do a full dinner show with an award-winning Polynesian Islander dance revue.

We would also do some walking tours around the hotel area which is loaded with great MCM homes and apartment buildings. We’d go out on the water taxi for a cheap, fun tour of the luxury homes and sites. We’d visit our friend Marina’s mermaid troupe at the B Ocean Hotel’s Wreck Bar.

There are inexpensive flights available to Fort Lauderdale and Miami. If flying into Miami, you can take the Brightline train to Fort Lauderdale for about $15 and it’s only about a 30-minute ride. Or fly into Miami and out of Fort Lauderdale as we did in December.

This is a weekend to introduce a our friends to the Mai-Kai, so there’s no reason you can’t invite your friends as well. Feel free to send this to your friends. Many on our guest list have never been to the Mai-Kai and are not “Tiki people”.

Mai-Kai Weekend
If this sounds like something you’d be up for, fill out this form to help us get an idea of interest.

FYI: This is a private page, sent directly to about 45 people. It isn’t public because we want just friends. Not being snooty, we just want to hang out with people we already know and like, not strangers.

One thought on “Mai-Kai Weekend

  • October 11, 2019 at 12:02 am

    Beth and I were lucky enough to attend Tim and Stephanie’s last small group weekend at the Mai Kai when we celebrated Tim’s book release. It was a wonderful way to experience the Mai Kai with a handful of friends and it remains one of my fondest memories of the Mai Kai. We will be there again for sure! Yip Yip


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